Frequently asked questions

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What is HashGuild?
HashGuild is a NFT infrastructure provider for Hedera Hashgraph. Next to running the HashGuild marketplace, focused on facilating trade between indiviudals, we come with a launchpad. More is to come!
Who is behind HashGuild?
A team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and managers have built HashGuild. By now, famous investors have joined the mission, leading to the opportunity to team up with the best-of-the-best.
Why are you rewarding collectors and creators?
Coming from former experience in building Gaming Startups, gamifying behavior is close to us. We are huge fans, as anyone using our services should come back happily and regularly.
What do you charge for your services?
We believe in a user-friendly approach and are this lowering fees where we can. Nonetheless, our team, servers and other infrastructure is costly. Thus, we have a take rate of 2%.
Will there be a token?
As a team, we are Web3 native and draw fundamental believe in its characteristics - next to others the possibility to own. Thus, we will launch a token - coming Q2 2023.