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HashGuild - NFTs and how they will change our lives

Think about it this way: The internet we have allows for the easy transfer of information. We costlessly swap copies of news articles, music files, video games [...] and much more. The internet is, famously, good at making information nearly free. But for precisely that reason, it is terrible at making information expensive, which it sometimes needs to be. What the internet is missing, in particular, are ways to verify identity, ownership and authenticity — the exact things that make it possible for creators to get paid for their work.

Ezra Klein, Journalist of the New York Times, on NFTs

On a mission to empower Hederas Collectors and Creators

HashGuild is building overarching NFT Infrastructure for Hedera Hashgraph. HashGuild's launchpad and marketplace is just the beginning of our journey to pioneering and paving ways.

With our proficient tech and leadership team, experienced in building with the latest technologies, we are striving to build tooling for every person in touch with the Hedera NFT ecosystem.

We are commited for growth and helping. With a give-first mentatility, we are building user-first and always on the needs of our users. If features are being proposed, users can vote on them and thus, advance the platform and the application set.


Backed by world-renowned investors

The HashGuild Team has taken on funding and word-class investors to team up with the vision of advancing the Hedera Ecosystem together. With an continous effort, we are working on advancing and fostering the ecosystem - making it better for the ones within the ecoystem and to increase adoption of the network.

HBAR Foundation

The HashGuild Principles.

We build user-centric

Since the beginning, we have always put NFT communities thoughts and needs upfront.

We support 24/7

We are always responsive & happy to help collectors and creators on whatever occasion. Don’t hesitate and reach out to us via Twitter or Discord.

We maximize utility wherever we can

The rewarding system that has been set up is empowering utility. Creators, collectors & communities have their proper needs and deserve their respective benefits.

We plan & build ahead of time

HashGuild is not only a marketplace.Serving to the bigger picture is what’s needed to make Hedera’s NFT ecosystem superior to other ecosystems and attract creators & collectors from other networks.

We ‘live’ Web3. We ‘live’ decentralization & ownership

To create an overwhelming user experience, user need to be given the power to decide what’s in the best interest for the majority. Making the best out of it, HashGuildDAO meets HashGuild token.

We allow huge traction, but prevent scams

With the new underlying technical infrastructure, we are capable of scaling quickly without loosing sight on platform performance nor on security. For enhancing collector’s security, we implement more and more scam prevention mechanisms.

A marketplace, rewarding all users in our ecosystem.

HashGuild comes with a fully planned out rewarding- and incentive-structure, rewarding everyone using the services provided. The token launch is planned for Q2 2023.


HashGuild operates user- and community-first. With our team approachable and reachable at every time in the year, we hold up to this principle.

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Join the conversation, chat with likeminded person and talk to the team. We have more than 2000 members already and are happy for every new face.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest HashGuild updates. We post regarding every major feature, interact with our community as well have open DMs for every inquiry.

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Media Inquiries

You would like to write about HashGuild or are looking for more information? Write us a mail to marketing@hashguild.xyz - our marketing team has you covered.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our team.

What is HashGuild?
HashGuild is a NFT infrastructure provider for Hedera Hashgraph. Next to running the HashGuild marketplace, focused on facilating trade between indiviudals, we come with a launchpad. More is to come!
Who is behind HashGuild?
A team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and managers have built HashGuild. By now, famous investors have joined the mission, leading to the opportunity to team up with the best-of-the-best.
Why are you rewarding collectors and creators?
Coming from former experience in building Gaming Startups, gamifying behavior is close to us. We are huge fans, as anyone using our services should come back happily and regularly.
What do you charge for your services?
We believe in a user-friendly approach and are this lowering fees where we can. Nonetheless, our team, servers and other infrastructure is costly. Thus, we have a take rate of 2%.
Will there be a token?
As a team, we are Web3 native and draw fundamental believe in its characteristics - next to others the possibility to own. Thus, we will launch a token - coming Q2 2023.

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